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Ricki Rivers.

Post by Ricki Rivers on Sat May 13, 2017 7:27 pm

R I C K I  R I V E R S;

Name: Ricki Rivers.

Nickname: "The HBIC", "The Vindictive Villain".

Picbase: Alicia Fox

Alignment: Petty mean girl heel.

Height: Five feet, nine inches.

Weight: One-hundred and twenty pounds.

Hometown: Los Angeles, California.

Entrance Theme: "HUMBLE." -- Kendrick Lamar.

Wrestling Style: Ricki is deceptively strong, which has led to her having developed something of a powerhouse style. She's very much looking forward to throwing around many of the other girls on the roster. She's a brutal technician and makes use of how effectively certain suplexes and holds can break down an opponent's body en route to a three-count.

Gimmick: A world-traveled product of the independent scene, Ricki has spent the last seven years honing her craft. She's now lauded for her ability, and the way she sees it, you don't get to this level by being nice all the time. So she's not, generally. She's as cutthroat and venomous as they come, and since her M.O. has always entailed not having any qualms about stepping on toes or offending people to get to the top, she sees no reason to change now. Ricki doesn't make any effort to be sneaky, either. She's a big fan of using a brash, in-your-face brand of bitchiness. No one does mean better than she does. Every good story needs a despicable villain. Why can't it be her? 

Common Moves: Backpack stunner, Garvin stomp, inverted suplex slam, military press stun gun, modified Achilles lock, multiple suplex variations (double underhook, Northern lights, slingshot, vertical, wheelbarrow), Samoan drop, sitout wheelbarrow facebuster, spinning heel kick, tilt-a-whirl gutbuster, tilt-a-whirl mat slam, two-handed chokelift.

Signature Moves: Bitchcraft (tilt-a-whirl backbreaker), The Makeunder (big boot), The Rivers Special (spinning spinebuster).

Finishers: GSOM -- Golden State of Mind (Electric chair driver), The Centerfold (Pop-up powerbomb), Vanity Clutch (Crossface/scissored armbar combination).
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