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Shizuka Kanzuki

Post by Shizuka Kanzuki on Sat May 20, 2017 11:04 am

NameShizuka Kanzuki
"Pink Dynamite",  "The Boss Bitch Who Beats You Down And Never Lets Up"
A Vulgar, Disrespectful, Borderline Psychotic....Face.
137 Pounds 
Roppongi District, Tokyo, Japan
Entrance Theme:
"Sorry N' Shit" by Tech N9ne
Wrestling Style:
A very charismatic, "showy" style that mixes aerial moves, submissions and a hard-hitting striking arsenal with juvenile behavior such as taunting her opponent or taking a break to enjoy concessions with fans or even flirt. 
Shizuka was once a typical young "genki girl", an energetic athlete who was a budding softball star in Japan. In her late teens once her dreams of playing for the Japanese National Team or even a college in the United States were dashed, Shizuka became much more violent and irritable, dying her hair various shades of red and pink. Shunned by her family and fellow athletes, she set off on her own to Roppongi and established a reputation as a vicious fighter and one of the loudest, most dangerous bouncers around despite her small size compared to most men. She was often employed by small-time gangsters who operated at the grace of the Yakuza, acting as a bouncer and even a bodyguard for those who could afford it. After one bloody incident with an Underboss's nephew, Shizuka was forced to make a pretty steep decision: stay in Japan and live as a marked woman green-lit for termination or accept exile in the United States. She chose exile. While living in Roppongi helped her develop a fluent grasp of English and decent understanding of Spanish, she had no real career prospects until Erica Ford, a former wrestler, noticed her in a wild brawl and offered to help her find training as a wrestler. Deciding that she preferred that option compared to drug running or prostitution, Shizuka started training in 2015 and made her independent debut in 2016. 
Common Moves:
Sky Attack (Diving Lariat), Roundhouse kick, Samoan Drop,  Spinning backfist, Michinoku Driver, Ankle Lock. Fujiwara Armbar
Signature Moves: 
Aerial Ace (Hip Attack), Koji Clutch, Triple Play (Three Amigos), Pink Panther (Bridging German Suplex with highly suggestive theatrics such as licking her opponent's cheek), Blue Thunder Bomb
Finishing Moves: 
Unholy Combo (Spider German/Top Rope Kneedrop combination), Pink With Envy (Skull End), Roaring Elbow
Likes: Candy. Video Games. Fighting. Sex. Money. (But NOT money FOR sex) Softball.
Dislikes: Most people. Yakuza. People who pick on smaller/weaker people for fights, Beer, Politics.

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