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Samantha Garza.

Post by Samantha Garza on Sun May 21, 2017 1:44 pm

S A M A N T H A  G A R Z A;

Name: Samantha Garza.

Nickname: "The (Ring) General", "The Arm Collector", "Lady Tapout".

Picbase: Eve Torres Gracie.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Height: Five feet, eight inches.

Weight: One hundred and thirty-one pounds.

Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Entrance Theme: "More Than a Woman" -- Aaliyah.

Wrestling Style: Primarily submission/technical. Trained primarily by her father -- a former collegiate, Olympic, and pro wrestler -- Samantha has used his lessons to form the cornerstones of her style. She also used to practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and she's incorporated that into her style as well. She's skilled when it comes to joint manipulation, grappling, and chain wrestling. She is also extremely calculating in the ring; there's no such thing as wasted movement or time with her, and veteran instinct means she can hone in on just about any and every sign of weakness.

Gimmick: Three years ago, Samantha was told her career was over. She was told it was highly unlikely that she could ever make a productive comeback after neck fusion surgery. She was crushed, of course, but she tried to tide herself over by doing other things she'd come to love. She became a trainer, she became a ring attire designer, she modeled...but none of these things really compared to actually being able to compete. When PGW folded and her tenure as Commissioner ended right along with it, there was a silver lining; Samantha was informed by her doctors that she could step into the squared circle again. Call it luck, call it a miracle. Call it whatever you want, but the fact of the matter is that Samantha is grateful and she's got a whole new renewed focus upon being able to return to doing what she loves. She's a savvy veteran, placing her business above all else and having little tolerance or respect for people who don't play by the rules (or those who don't take this as seriously as she does). 

Common Moves: Arm-trap elbow strikes, double-knee armbreaker, double-leg takedown followed by mounted punches, fireman's carry takeover transitioned into an armbar, handspring standing moonsault, exploder suplex, inverted facelock followed by knee strikes to an opponent's back, judo throw, kimura lock, multiple choke variations (guillotine, hangman's, rear naked, straightjacket), overhead belly-to-belly suplex, running single-leg dropkick, Samoan drop, triangle rana clutch.

Signature Moves: Cerradura Dorada I (Fujiwara armbar), Cerradura Dorada II (Triangle choke, transitioned into a step-over armbar), Rush Hour (Two punches followed by an elbow smash followed by a backfist followed by a Lariat)

Finishers: Double Jeopardy (Diving cross armbreaker, followed by elbow strikes or kicks to an opponent's head), Garza Special (O'Connor roll into a bridging German suplex), Mercy Kill (Olympic slam).
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